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The specifications that can collectively introduce Miri

"Best" is the term to be used describing the quality of the natural and native prime materials.
The hand spun fibers, made of excellent Iranian native wool, dyed with the best natural dye stuff, and using the most advanced techniques under the supervision of experienced and dexterous specialists, form the prime clay out of which the Miri Creations come into manifestation.
The process of dyeing in accordance with all the principles which avoid the possibility of any contamination that might be of detriment to the environment.
The contaminated water produced in the process of dyeing is captured to be treated in a waste water treatment plant and used again for the purposes of irrigation.
Free form contamination, the dyed fibers are therefore safe and sound to be and no threat to the health and well being of the weavers and the consumers.

B- Paying extreme attention to the process of weaving, preventing any inappropriate method in knotting and warping is Miri's major quality.
The correct use of warp and weft in the creation of "Knots" emanates beauty and bestows longevity to the created masterworks.

C- Originality in the methods of weaving, bringing novelty while preserving the cultural and traditional principles of the region and the consideration of various tastes are also of Miri's major concern.

D- The Iranian artistic handicraft of today, whose origin goes as far back as covering an historical age of more than 4000 years, supported by evidential documents can determine the destiny of the knotted hand woven works of future antiques. In other words the investment in "today" guarantees the fruition in "tomorrow".



Other technical matters and specifications

In order to be assured of the authenticity of the purchased work(s) as whether they truly are created by Miri or not, the new owner(s) can use 3 methods of verification:

  After the closing of any purchase, an Identification Document of Excellence" along with a document on which all the technical aspects, an exclusive number, the signature of Miri, the signature of the exclusive agency (seller), and finally the name of the new owner (buyer) and his/her address are registered will be granted to the new owner. This document includes an embossed seal with Miri's logo and a hologram label.
Miri's label is glued on the right corner of the back of every work which carries
a hologram.
What is a Hologram?
  The hologram label is a printed piece of metal in the shape of a circle with a radius of 2 centimeters, carrying 3 symbols with which the Miri experts can verify the authenticity of the work. In other words there exists no possibility for forgery, i.e. no one can forge the print. This label, as soon as being removed from the area below it, will be totally destroyed with no chance or possibility of getting restored and glued back to another area.
  By sending an e-mail the format of which is available in this website, the owner(s) of Miri Creations can directly access to the verification and authenticity of the creation(s) in his/her possession.
The Miri Creations are artistic handicraft, each and every one of them is and will stay its own entity carrying its own individual characteristics and uniqueness. None of them is repeated and each work of creation has its own history and identity registered in the archive of Tehran. Therefore, identification, verification and authentication can be easily accessed and the result can be immediately available.