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The trading of hand-knotted rugs, a tradition of Miri Family, dates back to 1820, and ever since the five generations have always been involved in and greatly committed to rendering services to this pure art of
“The Knot”.

Mostafa Miri
Mostafa Miri
Mostafa Miri, was a connoisseur in the identification of authenticity as well as the distribution of the antique Iranian knotted examples. His genuine love and admiration for Iranian hand-knotted rugs bestowed upon him the opportunity to focus his activities on a much wider scope, embracing more significant aspects than mere commerce.
During the first half of the 20th century he was involved in exporting Persian hand- knotted examples only to Arab countries such as Lebanon, and Syria but it was around 1950 when with the assistance of his son Javad Miri, expanded this trade initially to Switzerland, followed by export directly to European countries.
Mostafa passed away in 1956, at the age of 66, in Tehran.
Mostafa Miri had five sons:
The eldest was
Jamal. Trained as a civil engineer at St. Joseph University of Beirut, he forged a successful career for himself in this field. He passed away in 1958, just six months after his father’s death.
Hadi, the fourth son, left Iran for Germany to study in 1952 where he became a doctor in medicine.
The youngest son
, Kazem, was killed in 1982, at the age of 21, during the war between Iran and Iraq.
Jamal Miri
Jamal Miri

Hadi Miri
Hadi Miri
Kazem Miri
Kazem Miri
The second son, Javad Miri, who left Iran for Switzerland in 1950 to cooperate with his father and younger brother, Taghi. In 1952, Javad left Switzerland for Hamburg while Taghi stayed in Iran with his father.
Taghi and Javad became great students of their father learning from him, expanding knowledge, gaining experience, following his vision and dreams and fathoming into the true essence of the spiritual love their father felt for the authentic and original Persian rugs in his heart.
Javad Miri
Javad Miri

Taghi Miri
Taghi Miri
After their father's death, these two brothers, Taghi and Javad, became the true carriers of his ideas and ideals.

In 1965, Taghi Miri established "Sherkat Saderat Ghali" and thenceforth carried out his activities within the framework of this company.
Razi Miri, Taghi's eldest son, after graduating from high school and completing his service in the army in 1974, joined his father at "Sherkat Saderat Ghali".
Within a few years he could meet the capacity and the caliber of a director to become the managing director. In 1986 he invited his younger brother, Sadegh Miri, who was a graduate of Stockholm University with a bachelor degree in Photography, and several years of experience in the carpet business in Sweden.
Shortly after, they were joined by their youngest brother Habib Miri, as the company's financial director.
In 1996, Nazanin Miri, their cousin with an MBA degree from USA joined the company to fill the position of the "public relation manager".