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The Miri Iranian Knots consists of two separate companies:
Kooch, and Sherkat Saderat Ghali. The former produces raw materials and manages weaving facilities, while the latter is in charge of distribution and marketing.
Razi Miri   Razi Miri
The Managing Director of Sherkat Saderat Ghali, and the Head Designer of Miri Creation
  Sadegh Miri
Sadegh Miri
The Managing Director of Kooch and organizer of various annual exhibitions
Habib Miri   Habib Miri
The Head of the Financial Department
  Nazanin Miri

Nazanin Miri
The Head of the Public Relations Department

Mostafa Miri
Mostafa Miri
The Head of the Ordering Department

The Miri Hand-Knotted Creations are crafted using authentic designs and raw materials similar to those used hundreds of years ago. Performing in accordance with the prevailing mode of centuries back, the office and showroom are built on the outskirts of the Tehran Bazaar replicating Safavid architecture, and utilizing the construction materials commonly used during the 16th & 17th centuries. While architectural ethos is maintained, the building is equipped with the most modern facilities.


The entrance is so pleasant to behold and the lavishly designed interior is utterly magnificent. The spacious rooms, the spiral stairway, the atrium, and the new and antique hand-knotted masterpieces, convey a palatial and museum-like ambiance to the eyes of the beholder. Both interior and exterior are absolutely breathtaking.

Miri Show Room
Sadeat Ghali
Sherkat Saderat Ghali Ltd.
No. 27 - 28, Bazaar Rahimiyeh Aval, Tehran 11636 IRAN
Tel: +98 21 55 61 31 41 - 55 61 31 24, Fax: +98 21 55 63 75 70 - 55 61 33 56