MIRI Creations in Museums

The impact of the successful exhibition of art/craft of the Iranian rugs in Japan has lit a fire in the hearts of the cultural Japanese people which cannot be extinguished.

This fire of passion for Iranian rugs had to be lit again to justly respond to such a keen interest and strong warmth of feelings.

So the continuation of these kinds of exhibitions came as the best solution and a great fuel to keep the flames of this passion alive.

And Miri is so proud to have fulfilled such a great task and to have created such a ground and atmosphere in which hearts could embrace the "beauty" reflected in the rugs, old and recent which are both from Miri's private antique collection and their recent creations.

Following the success of the Shoto Museum of Art in Tokyo, and Okayama Orient Museum in response to such enthusiasm shown by the Japanese people, the Ichinomiya City Museum held a government-sponsored exhibition named as, "The Splendor of Persian Carpet" presenting antique rugs of Miri private collection and recent examples of "Miri creations", in the city of Ichinomiya in Japan, started June 18th, 2005.

Exhibition Hall
Visitors looking at the master pieces
Visitors looking at the weaving process